Information on the Breed

A Basset Fauve de Bretagne:


- Is a small, happy and active dog according to the standard 32 38 cm and 12 15 kg. It is a child-friendly dog, very intelligent and willing.

- is red/yellow in colour. Such is the description of the breed by DKK (Dansk Kennel Klub) according to the standard; the colour varies from golden wheat to brick red. A small white blaze on the chest is acceptable, however, not wished for. He is wire-haired and should be trimmed twice per year.


- Is a driven hunting dog and originates as its name indicates, from Bretagne in France, where he is mainly used for Rabbit-hunting.





-Is a very qualified schweiss-dog, however, unfortunately does not register as a schweiss-dog. 

Perhaps the breed will have a future as a search and rescue dog. Today there are tree Fauves that are trained as search and rescue dogs; two in Sweden and one in the US. Their advantage is that they can get into places, where the larger breeds, normally used for search and rescue, cannot get into.