In October of 1977, Rudolf and Anders received their kennel-certificate and started to breed Basset Hounds.


In June 1982 we bought…   

                                                      Gloria ter Elst           and        Gemma ter Elst 

….from a breeder in Belgium. Gloria and Gemma were the first Basset Fauve de Bretagne in Denmark / Nordic Countries.

Through hard work and good cooperation with breeders in Holland and Sweden, they build the solid foundation of our kennel. In 1993, we purchased Koz Menhir Duco from Holland. Duco has been perfect as a Sire to our bitches.

We have been nominated "Breeder of the Year" a total of 14 times. We have won a total of 8 World Titles and no less than 8 times have some of our dogs passed the schweiss-trail! "Schweiss" is the German word – we use here in Danmark – for game blood, and in Denmark we usually use blood from Deer. A dog that can follow the scent of game blood, we call a Schweiss-dog. The dog has to past a Schweiss-trial to prove it’s ability in trailing game blood. 3 of our dogs are also Swedish hunting-tracking dogs ( Maurice , Minette og Paulette ). 

A "Vildtspor hund" is the Danish word for a dog that can track the scent of blood, but also the scent of the game. A "Vildtspor-trail" starts with the dog trailing the blood, and then it changes. For the rest of the track, the dog has to trail the deer only from the scent of the game. So here it is both the dogs ability to trail the scent of the blood, but also the scent of the game, that is tested. We have through the years bred 83 puppies.

In connection with DKK’s decision that only one person could have disposition, it was decided to have Mona become co-owner of the kennel, and as per 1st December 2003, Tea also became a co-owner.

During the past many years, we (Tea and Mona) have taken 14 day vacations abroad. We usually talk about where we would like to go, and then check out if by "any chance" an exhibition is taking place in the country. If this is not the case, we choose another country. We always bring along two dogs and that has resulted in our show-success abroad.


Our own basset hounds was almost past history. However, Tea took a trip to Sweden and returned with Bazzets Charterman and a few years later, we went to Holland to pick up Mackenzie v.d. Ravenstee. We finally had bassets in the house again. Charterman is no longer, so currently we only have “everybody’s” Mackenzie.

Mackenzie v.d. Ravenstee.