Our Kennel

Our dogs live in the courtyards shown; however, take shifts being in the house, so that they are together with us for a full day at a time.




Our bitches are two years old and preferably DKCH (Danish Champion) before being used in our breeding program. The puppies are born in the kitchen and stay there with their mother until they are old enough to leave for their new homes.


In this manner, they are used to all the sounds in a household, such as the radio, vacuum-cleaner, stranger’s voices and the other dogs ect…  





Naturally they are allowed to play and go on discovery with the elder dogs.


During the 5th and 7th week of the bitches’ pregnancy, they are treated for worms and the puppies, as well, are treated at the age of 5 and 7 weeks. Before the puppies leave home, they are chipped and given a full check-up at our veterinarian. We sign-up our puppy-customers in the Basset Klubben, so that they are given a full year free membership.

When our dogs grow old and perhaps not see / hear well anymore, we move them into the house where they enjoy their pension.


P.T. Sverdrups Simone, age 14, has moved into the house. Although she doesn’t hear so well, she has everything under control!